This is Kat.

Hi there!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

And it’s for anyone, really.

And especially for anyone who wants to live a healthy, physically active lifestyle; for those who want to make a commitment health when the going gets tough (because it does.) I also hope this blog will support and encourage anyone out there who just needs a little kick in the butt to get going. But most of all, I started this blog for people like me. The ones who may be feeling a little hopeless whether from illness, having babies, challenges in life – whatever! This blog is here to inspire, cheer and boost you up!

meA little about Kat

As a twenty-something mother of one active boy, I know that a healthy lifestyle is incredibly important. But like many new parents, I had no freaking clue how to balance life once our son came along. It was an uphill battle and it’s taken a long time to get back into the swing of it; it’s a constant challenge. At my heaviest I was a 39.5 on the BMI. Don’t know what that means? It meant I was obese; actually, borderline morbidly obese. I made loads of excuses. So like many, I’m guilty of inconsistent exercise; overusing the token line: “Oh,I’ll start again on Monday,” and pretty much finding any excuse I can to wiggle out of exercise.

But prior to pregnancy and a high BMI, I would run up to six days aweek, cross-train at the gym and eat healthy. I loved it. But don’t even kid yourself. I’m not a natural-born runner. Nope. My folks are not runners. I do not have the genes. I’m just proof that anyone can gain the weight, but even more-so, anyone can run it off.  There were (and still are) many days I don’t want to put my sneaks on, but let me tell you it can be done!

Now that I’m ready, my hope for this blog is to chronicle my attempt to train and run a half-marathon. It includes everything from recipes and stretching, to what music gets me motivated. I’ve been blogging now for a while now and can comfortably run 18 kilometres (or 11 miles).Now thats PROOF that ANYONE can do this. Start out with the Couch-to-5K and keep building. If you don’t want to run, walk, jump, skip or do whatever you want – just get active! This isn’t your mother scolding you, this is a friend gently reminding you that you need to take time for yourself. Don’t feel guilty. Put one foot in front of the other and enjoy! 

And I hope if you’re still reading this that you’ll join along!

You can find Kat on Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging for her company, TAKCAM.

10 thoughts on “This is Kat.

  1. I’m definitely not as in-shape as I’d like to be. Once upon a time I had the lofty goal of running everyday and doing other exercise to boot. Well. I still want that, and your awesome blog might be just the motivating factor I need. Thanks.

    • Wow! I’m honoured by your comments! I really hope it helps someone out there – I know how hard it is to get into shape; I hope you’ll keep track on your blog so I can follow along as well. Thanks for stopping in – hope you’ll come back again soon! :)

  2. I ran for the first time today. It really inspired me. I started my first blog too. I really love yours. It is inpsiring. Keep it up mama.

    • I’m honoured! Thanks for checking put my blog… I find it helps keep me on the straight & narrow. And I will be sure to follow along with yours to see how you’re making out. If I can do it, anyone can!!!! :)

  3. You in the running shoes picture = cutest photo ever!

  4. Hello, my dear! It’s my turn to reciprocate! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! There are a few rules, so zip to my blog and get started—wink! Thank you, thank you, thank you for encouraging me with my Tinkerbell blog!

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